My 2015 ❤ Best Reads

dezembro 31, 2015

This year I surprised myself by reading around 100 books. I never though it would be possible.
Last year I read around 50 and thought it was a lot. This year the goal was that. But as soon I got in the 50 goal I set it up, more 10 books, more 5 books, more and more until I reached the 100 mark.

I've read 29 Graphic Novels/Comics, heard 15 audiobooks, read 26 physical books and 59 digital ones. 11 books were in the Fantasy genre, 5 were romances, 19 were either Thrillers or Crime novels and 30 were related with art, illustration or design.

The most surprising one in the graphic novels genre was Locke & Key by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodríguez (Artist)
At first I wasn't convinced with  the artwork and wasn't sure about the story. But then I got hooked!
I'm only missing one issue to finish the series. But my favourite is the Guide to the Known Keys.

Anya's GhostThis one Summer and Through the Woods were my favourites in terms of illustration. Each one with it's own style. This one Summer artwork become one of my favourites artwork of all time!
In a more gory, brutal and violent style (which I also like) were The Strain; Southern Bastards and Outcast. These are ongoing series that I haven't continued yet. The Strain I've changed to the book trilogy. I will finish the comics after the books.

In the fantasy genre the bests were - The Strain, Coraline (I already knew the movie version, which make it hard to visualize something else while I was reading, but enjoy it a lot, and the illustrations by Dave McKean in this version are spot on). You might already know that I'm big fan of The Lord of Rings trilogy, more I read it more I like it. This time I've listened to the audiobook version of the Fellowship of the Ring and Two Towers and loved it! (I'm almost finished with The Return of the King, but I'm adding it already because I'm only a couple chapters away of finishing it).

I finally read three classical thrillers - Red Dragon and The silence of the lambs by Thomas Harris about the infamous Hannibal Lecter, and The Shining by Stephen King. I enjoy them all!

In the Crime genre these four books were a pleasant surprise - The Cove, 4th of July, The Redbreast and The Ice Princess.

and at last but not the least - four inspiring books that art/illustration related:
- Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative by Austin Kleon
- The Lord of the Rings Sketchbook by Alan Lee
The Art of DreamWorks Animation
- I Love Paper: Paper-Cutting Techniques and Templates for Amazing Toys, Sculptures, Props, and Costumes by Fideli Sundqvist

What about you? Which books were you're favourites of 2015?

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